Get Tracer

There are few ways how to get tracer. Recommended is installing it through linux distribution package, but so far there are only few supported ditributions and even less of them has tracer packaged. If you are unlucky and can’t find your system in the list, you can do three things.

  1. Create and maintain tracer package for your ditribution
  2. Request me to do it for you (but I don’t promise that I will)
  3. Use tracer from git


Fedora is intended as the primary system, so there shouldn’t be a problem. You can simply install tracer using

dnf install tracer

Please note that for DNF also exists plugin which calls tracer after every successful transaction. You can install it using

dnf install dnf-plugins-extras-tracer

Take a look into User Guide at Fedora - DNF plugin.


The tracer package is available in the official repositories for RHEL 8.4 and higher. As such, it can be easily installed with:

dnf install tracer

There is also a Copr repository providing up-to-date stable builds for EPEL8. It is recommended to use this repository for installing Tracer on RHEL 8.3 and lower:

dnf copr enable frostyx/tracer-epel
dnf install tracer

Enterprise Linux 7 (CentOS, ect.)

Tracer can be install from EPEL

yum install epel-release
yum install tracer


So far I have tracer.ebuild in my personal overlay. Please take note that is not properly packaged - it just clone the git repository. However it has one relevant advantage and that is that it takes care about dependencies.

layman -a frostyx
emerge tracer


An unofficial tracer package can be found in the AUR:


You can download the code by running this command:

git clone

1) Manuall installation

First of all check tracer’s requirements and install them.

Now you should be able to run it by tracer/bin/, but becaue it is so unhandy I will recommend you to make symlink into $PATH directory. For instance

sudo ln -s tracer/bin/ /usr/local/bin/tracer

and then run it just by tracer command.

2) Automated installation

Previous paragraph can be done by running

sudo pip install ./tracer/
# or
pip install --user ./tracer/